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Urvision 2011, 15th-21st of August 2011
For the seventh year in a row, we're organizing Urvision again!

Urvision is a vision of our native lifeway. We invite you who are longing for a life beyond civilisation to a week of visioning, networking, thought and skill sharing, in a natural environment. We invite you to be part of the wild, where we can find energy and get inspiration in our striving towards a balanced life. Our vision for the gathering is a week which includes all aspects of a life as hunter-gatherers. We’re striving for a perspective of wholeness that touches the practical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of native living.

Urvision is donation based, so we ask everyone to contribute with what they can in order for it all to go around. The food will be vegan and paleo,and we will cook it together over open fire. Please bring food with you to the communal kitchen if you can. We'd like to see you stay the whole week, at the same time as you are free to come and go during the time of the gathering.

Urvision is non-hierarchical, which means that there are no leaders, and that we will all share the responsibilities of the gathering. We hope that everyone will be prepared to take part in the daily activities of camp, and we would like to create an atmosphere that inspires everyone to feel confident about making decisions, arranging workshops and taking responsibility. This also means that we want the gathering to be safe for people to be who they are. We as a group would also like to raise the awereness about behaviors and patterns we have with us from our civilized upbringing. Doing this we hope to create a safe space that will encourage people to express their feelings and needs. The gathering also offers an alchohol and drug free space. We also ask you to leave your pets at home.

This is also a childrens gathering, were wildernes becomes the playground! We would like to make an effort to make families, old people, and people with special needs feel welcome. So if you would like to come, but think it’s problematic, please contact us, and we will hopefully be able to help you out, for example with transportation.

We need your help to organize the gathering! Let us know if you would like to help out and we can see together what possibilities there are for that.

For more information about what we’re planning to do during the gathering, about what’s good to bring and for directions, contact us through Tell us when and how many you are coming, and if you would like to arrange a workshop.

For a life in harmony with nature,

The Wild Growing Collective in collaboration with the Naturliv association


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