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Welcome to Vargatid!

Vargatid is a swedish anarcho-primitivist/green anarchist zine, produced to bring forth a variaty of perspectives on how to grow wild, reconnect to mother earth and fight civilization.

'Vargatid' literally means 'Time of wolves' and refers to the Edda in wich times are really bad, just before the 'Ragnarök', the apocalypse, of norse mythology. The time of wolves may seem like nothing but despair, but it also holds the seed of better times and necessary change. Today we live in the middle of paradox, where our culture is one of a violent, dystopian, consumer society, but at the same time feeds the global resistance against it and connects activists and native peoples together on a global scale never seen before. More and more signs are showing, and it is obvious that something is about to happen. The peak is reaching.

Vargatid is a small part of the resistance to the global civilization, with capitalism, industrialism and its antropocentric worldview. We want to rewild, and reconnect, and help eachother and all our readers to to the same. To live sanelly again, the way we're built to live.

Vargatid is mainly written in swedish. Fore more info on these matters, and for a vast collection of material and weblinks for further reading (and action damn it!), please visit Det vildväxande kollektivet, The wildgrowing collective.    

Thank you!

Asfaltsbarn, Snusmumrik and Hjortrongull, editors of Vargatid